Assessment Centre – A good potential analysis will tell you more than thousand résumés

Application papers and the persons behind them often differ immensely. Will the applicant meet the requirements? Will he fit into the team? In many cases companies will only learn over time who they really hired. In as many cases this is too late.

Assessment centres allow for the companies to learn about the applicants, who they are as persons and to make the right decisions. They put applicants in situations close to the reality of their routine business and challenges and thereby make the results comparable.  Behaviour patterns, resilience and communication skills of the applicants are experienced without filter.  Specific tasks make the expert knowledge and approach to work of your applicants appraisable. In short: assessment centres make sure to employ or promote the right person.


How Impulse will support you

As external moderators, our experts help you to clearly define the task fields of employer and applicants. Thereby, they increase the validity and the internal acceptance of your assessment centre.

For your assessment centre, we:

 Develop competency models and requirement sets,
 Develop exercises,
 Develop observation sheets
 Assist you in conducting the assessment centre
 Evaluate the results and derive recommendations for action
 Conduct observation trainings 

We are happy to talk with you personally about your individual Assessment-Center. Contact us for a noncommittal offer.

Comparex AG

“Mister Necke supported us in conceiving, implementing and conducting some assessment centres for our junior managers and for potential analyses of our executives. We especially appreciate his experience, his psychological knowledge and the pleasant and professional cooperation. His way of giving honest and direct feedbacks made him gain the respect of the participants. We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation.”