Occupational health management (OHM) - A business is only as healthy as its employees

A healthy and motivated workforce is decisive to a business’ lasting success. Its employees are its brains and hands – its innovators and implementers.  However, at a time of increasing stress and high drive, this principle is threatened. These days, businesses not only have to contend with the consequences of a changing demographic, but they are also being put under pressure by global competition and extremely dynamic market development. Change is the only constant. This external pressure also leads to increasing stress within businesses.


For many years, psychological complaints such as depression (burn-out), anxiety and exhaustion have been accumulating, but a loss of motivation and mental resignation are also problems. According to a recent study, the number of work days missed due to burn-out increased from 5 to 87 per 1000 employees between 2004 and 2013. (Source: Statista).

The costs for businesses can be devastating:

▶ Avoidable incorrect and poor decisions
▶ Reduced efficiency due to bullying and conflicts
▶ Mental resignation and decreasing commitment
▶ Workforce losses due to resignations
▶ Cost of hiring new staff and training them
▶ Absenteeism
▶ Loss of quality in products
▶ Losses to business

How will Impulse accompany you on your way to implementing OHM

Impulse has been assisting businesses all over Germany with change management, occupational health management and leadership development since 2009. Impulse will support you competently and efficiently with the implementation of your occupational health management. We will:

▶ Analyse your processes and structures
▶ Identify ways to reduce stress and
▶ Assist with measures to strengthen personal resources and skills.

The result: good working conditions and a high standard of living in the workplace, which will effectively improve both the motivation and health of your employees, as well as the productivity and innovation of your business.


Healthy workforce=higher productivity

The aim of OHM is a lasting increase in operational results through improving and securing productivity, quality and efficiency in the business. This goal is achieved through:

▶ A transparent, collective working culture
▶ A balanced working environment
▶ Reduction of stress
▶ A better work-life balance
▶ Improvements in management’s and employees’ social skills
▶ Better cooperation and transfer of knowledge between departments and employees
▶ Working ergonomically
▶ Sensible and efficient operational procedures and structures
▶ Improved motivation, trust and a positive sense of self-worth among employees


4 Steps to Success
As we start to create your occupational health management system, impulse will carry out a risk and requirement assessment of your business. With the help of confidential employee interviews and an analysis of business structures and operating figures,  areas that could be potentially be improved by OHM will be identified and the first optimising measures will be drawn up. In order to advance the project, an internal OHM task force will be created which will represent all affected parties and decision makers.

The Concept
Subsequently impulse will work with the task force to develop a sensible concept for integral OHM  that fits to your business. Measures will be identified and prioritised and responsible parties, as well as time scales and costs will be assigned to them.

Organising OHM
Impulse will actively assist in the implementation of your OHM. For example by providing team workshops and seminars about communication, conflict resolution, work-life balance and leadership. Key to these seminars is not only the transfer of knowledge, but also a perceptive and humorous relationship with the employees. The focus is on encouraging acceptance on the part of all the employees.

Evaluation and further development of OHM
With a view to maintaining quality standards, each measure will be assessed to ensure its success and when necessary adjustments will be made. Occupational health management is not a onetime project. Through targeted knowledge transfer, impulse will ensure that you are in a position to further develop and rejuvenate your OHM in the future.

We are happy to talk with you personally about your individual challenges with OHM. Contact us for a noncommittal offer.