Coaching – Supporting executives and professionals with their challenges

Those who assume new responsibilities in a company are often confronted with new routines. As executives, they suddenly become self-responsible leaders, motivators, supervisors and have to report to the higher management. As professionals, they find themselves in new processes and communication structures.

This does not only mean they have more responsibility, but also higher burdens and more potential for conflicts.

Therefore, it is important to know one’s own strengths and limits to derive individual management tools.

A coaching will help you to enhance your profile by increasing your self- and external perception. Furthermore it will support you in analysing personal topics, finding out more about your personal fears and activating hidden potentials. The most important step is to understand oneself. 


How Impulse will support you

Our coaches never take challenges as being simply black and white and find the solutions in the persons involved. Our coachings are

 Systemic:  In our systemic coachings we’re looking for the relations between the relevant topics and find the right solutions together with you.
 At eye level: We take you seriously, give constructive criticism and make the process transparent.
 Individual: We help you to find your own hidden competencies and resources and to make them utilisable.
 Creative: We use creative coaching techniques like metaphors, coaching cards and exceptional coaching places. This allows for a change in perspective on yourself and your challenges.

We help you to master the following challenges:

 Managing changes,
 Solving conflicts,
 Being effective as an executive,
 Finding the right position in a team,
 Optimising your self-awareness

Thomas Necke is Professional Coach of the German Federal Association of Executive Coaching, registered association (Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching e.V.)

Price: 200 €/h. 

We are happy to talk about your personal coaching wishes and requirements. Contact us for a noncommittal offer.



German television broadcast with business Coach (DBVC) Thomas Necke

Jörg Risse (chairman GÖK consulting)

“I experience Mr. Necke as a very ‘special’ coach. With his creative, vivid and diverse methods, he consistently helps me reflecting important topics and supports me in developing solutions and seeing things from a different perspective. He scrutinises figuratively and with a lot of humour. The highlight of our coaching session was in a museum: a painting became the mirror of my situation and at the same time it offered a solution. I fully recommend Mr. Necke as a coach.”