Change management – Change is the only constant

Die drei Hebel des Change-Managements

Changes are unavoidable for the survival of companies, be it due to digitalisation, mergers or new strategies. However, changes are often encountered with internal resistance, which can cause necessary developments to fail.

In a time where change is the only constant, an effective change management, involving all employees by making them participants of the change process, is indispensable. External moderation helps to increase understanding and to solve internal conflicts.

How Impulse will support you

Since 2009 Impulse supports change processes of companies and institutions. Our approach is to take business culture as well as the employees with their needs and fears serious.

This helps us to transform changes processes from top-down orders into an active involvement of all company levels.  The process will then be supported by all employees.


We use the following methods:

▶ Management and employee coachings
▶ Team development
▶ Strategy development
▶ Identification of business objectives and solutions
▶ Resource-oriented work
▶ Mediation and conflict coaching
▶ Moderation of kickoff events

We are happy to talk with you personally about your individual challenges with change management. Contact us for a noncommittal offer.

Cooperative case advise

brochure: Cooperative case advise (german language)

Unister GmbH

“Many thanks for the help with finding new objectives for our department for the next two years once again. The work in our objectives-workshop was not always easy and sometimes even controversial.  Yet, thanks to your good moderation in the end we successfully passed our goals and had all our employees motivated for the upcoming changes. Especially rewarding was the mixture of theory, practical work and raft-building. “