Personal coaching – Activate your potentials

Decisions can be hard sometimes: Am I the right person for the job? Can I cope with the situation? How do I want to work prospectively? A professional coaching helps you to analyse your own situation, to find out more about your fears and to activate hidden potentials. The most important step is to understand oneself. 


How Impulse will support you

Our coaches never take challenges as being simply black and white and find the solutions in the persons involved. Our coachings are:

 Systemic:  In our systemic coachings we’re looking for the relations between the relevant topics and find the right solutions together with you.
 At eye level: We take you seriously, give constructive criticism and make the process transparent.
 Individual: We help you finding your own hidden competencies and resources and making them utilizable.
 Creative: We use creative coaching techniques like metaphors, coaching cards and exceptional coaching places. This allows for a change in perspective on yourself and your challenges.

We help you to master the following challenges:
 Accepting changes,
 Developing your career,
 Restarting your career,
 Being effective as executive or professional,
 Leading virtual teams,
 Solving conflicts,
 Finding the right role in the team,
 Improving your self-perception


Price for direct private clients: 100 €/h.

You are looking for coaching for your company? Find out more on our site “Business clients – Coaching

German television broadcast with business Coach (DBVC) Thomas Necke