Leadershipt training - people want to be led, not managed

Executives are confronted with a variety of different challenges every day. Not only do they have to make and advocate decisions. As link between the higher management levels and the employees, they are caught between two stools. They account for the communication between the levels and have to solve conflicts. Also, they have to motivate their teams and make sure they work productively.

Executives thus not only need expert knowledge, but also a high level of communication competency as well as leadership skills.


How Impulse will support you

Our executive trainings connect theoretical basics with self-experience, practical exercises and exchanges of experiences. Your executives will quickly and thoroughly gain the skills needed to meet their challenges self-confidently. Unexceptional settings can be chosen to support the process if wanted.  

The executive training usually takes 10 days with 5 hours each, extended over a period of six months. It consists of the following modules

 Personality analysis and leading role
 Managerial behaviour and tools
 Communication and conversation techniques
 Moderating and mediating conflicts
 Team building and development
 Motivation and incentives
 Behaviour in change processes


The executive training proceeds in seven steps: 

1.          Definition and setting of individual goals,
2.          Analysis of the current state with a pre-test (e.g. 360° audit or questionnaire),
3.          Workshops for different leadership skills and methods
4.          Practice
5.          Reflection and review
6.          Possibly coaching units by the hour
7.          Evaluation with a post-test (e.g. 360° audit or questionnaire) 

Any training will be tailored to the needs of the executive(s). Additional coachings are possible.

Thomas Necke has a master’s degree in human resource management, is Professional Coach of the German Federal Association of Executive Coaching, registered association (Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching e.V.) and university lecturer for leadership and management topics.

We are happy to talk with about your individual requirements. Contact us for a noncommittal offer.

Hennings Bäckerei GmbH

“Thanks a lot for the well-structured and methodological profound executive training. The seminar was individually tailored to our company and – besides the theoretical basics – has taken up our everyday business in practical exercises. Within the six months of the training, we noticed a continuous improvement of our performance reviews and team discussions. We are sure that the seminars of Impulse will help us reaching our companies’ goals and a better motivation of our employees.”