Organization Development - the employees are the soul and the mirror of your company


Impulse has a holistic view on organisational development. Starting with business culture and strategy, we also take a look at the processes as well as the social competencies of your employees. 

To bring about changes on the organisational level, the process of change needs to be broadly conceived in order to overcome oppositions.

Within a company a number of factors concur on different levels: on the level of corporate culture, of the team, on the personal level and on the managerial level. All of these levels need to back the process of change, or at least they need to understand it.

Changes are best initiated and brought about by a moderated process, co-created by the employees. The process is moderated and supervised by an experienced systemic coach.

How Impulse will support you Impulse supports your company in:
▶ Operating your change management,
▶ Implementing your occupational health management,
▶ Organising your assessment centre
▶ Conducting your management trainings and coachings
▶ Implementing your team workshops
▶ Introducing performance reviews

We take your needs seriously.  Thus we customize our offer according to your demands and choose practice-oriented methods.


A company is not a state, but a process in which everything is connected with everything else.”

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