Impulse team - A holistic approach needs a change of perspectives

Since 2009, Impulse supports companies in the fields of change management, occupational health management and the development of executives and professionals. Our holistic approach is founded on field-tested methods and a broad spectrum of perspectives, qualifications and experiences.

Thomas Necke, Master HRM (General Manager)

A good leader recognizes the competences of every single person in the team.”

Born 79 | University lecturer | Leadership skills | Communication | Organisational psychology | Rhetoric | Team training | Human resource- and personality development | Studies in Leipzig and Paris | specialist: corporate health management  | Systemic coach (Cenior Coach IOBC, DBVC) | Systemic Organisational development (isb)

Anke Hofmann, PhD

“Inner clarity leads to convincing, manageable solutions.

Born 73 | Corporate culture | Organisational development | Change companionship | Dialogues of values | Systemic consulting and coaching | Women in managerial positions | Leading, Communication, appreciation, resilience, negotation

Ulrike Loos, Certified psychologist

Hope is the certainty that something has a deeper meaning, without having regards for the outcome.”

Born 66 | Approbated psychological psychotherapist | cognitive and emotion-centered psychology | Individual- and group consulting | Stress management and burn out prevention | Experience-orientated methods (psychodrama & ego state therapy).