Our principle is that the solution for any challenge can be found in the persons, because humans can only act within their own potential resources. To achieve a permanent behavioural change, our intrinsic motivation needs to be bolstered. This can only happen if the participants really understand the insights we reach in our seminars. Thus, as consultants we don’t just present ready-made solutions, but rather want to support you methodologically, so that you can find your potentials yourself. Don’t think of us as instigators, impinging on you. Think of us as gardeners, enabling our plants to grow by adding light and water.


We focus on your practical success

The principles of our approach to work are “Theory, exercise and self-experience”. By using our methodological knowledge, playful practice and self-reflection within typical situations, we facilitate a sustainable transfer of your insights to the workplace. From a methodological perspective, what is most important is the practical applicability of a behavioural model and the fitting to the individual needs. Our support thus includes the following methods:

 Working with metaphors,
 Peer group supervision,
 Models of motivation (e.g. according to Heckhausen und Gollwitzer),
 Communication models (e.g. according to Schulz von Thun, Watzlawick),
 Different interactive and creative methods (e.g. Scaling),
 Fun-oriented outdoor activities (e.g. for team building),
 Insights through self-awareness

Methodology meets expertise

Our experts at Impulse all have completed qualifications and degrees in their operating range. They draw on longstanding experiences in supporting business and private clients. Thomas Necke, chief executive of Impulse, is Professional Coach of the German Federal Association of Executive Coaching, registered association (Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching e.V.).

We support you at eye level.