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personality test

Personality test

Only the person who has a good knowledge of herself can understand others properly. Especially in the professional context knowledge of human nature is of great influence for the way we lead and communicate.

The following personality test contains thirty-six short questions which allow to self assess a variety of personality traits, each having four possible answers which correspond to different attitudes. These questions mainly relate to both the workplace as well as the private sphere and serve the purpose of finding certain relevant thought patterns and character traits. Thus it is important to answer the questions as honestly as possible and not to choose the option witch seems most attractive or closer to social or personal ideals. Even though it does not always seem to be the case, no answer is better or worse than others, as all traits and profiles are equal, no matter if they show creative and social or analytical tendencies. Some questions are open or ambiguous, so that you can interpret them in various ways. In these cases, choose the option seeming most plausible to you.

You will only receive this accurate result on the basis of honest answers. Than it will be informative both for you as well as your team. However, it can only ever a part of a more thoroughgoing and comprehensive analysis.

“This test is great! I especially liked the critical examination regarding the fields of development, which are in accord with my self-image. Also my motivation and incentive fit to my result. This is a good way to get some self-affirmation.”

Marcus Broda (Alster-Team Consulting)

“Wow, I have been surprised that it is so easy and that the result is so close to reality.”

Dominik Dawidowski (naip Deutschland GmbH)