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 “Thanks for the super day and training. There has only been positive feedback from the participants.”

 “Thanks for the super day and training. There has only been positive feedback from the participants.”

“Thanks a lot for the well-structured and methodological profound executive training. The seminar was individually tailored to our company and – besides the theoretical basics – has taken up our everyday business in practical exercises. Within the six months of the training, we noticed a continuous improvement of our performance reviews and team discussions. We are sure that the seminars of Impulse will help us reaching our companies’ goals and a better motivation of our employees.”

“Many thanks for the help with finding new objectives for our department for the next two years once again. The work in our objectives-workshop was not always easy and sometimes even controversial.  Yet, thanks to your good moderation in the end we successfully passed our goals and had all our employees motivated for the upcoming changes. Especially rewarding was the mixture of theory, practical work and raft-building. “

“Mister Necke supported us in conceiving, implementing and conducting some assessment centres for our junior managers and for potential analyses of our executives. We especially appreciate his experience, his psychological knowledge and the pleasant and professional cooperation. His way of giving honest and direct feedbacks made him gain the respect of the participants. We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation.”

„We once again want to thank you for the very successful team training. The event unanimously found our approval and improved the understanding among ourselves. We have participated in some team development trainings, but this one had the highest standard.”

"We are very excited about well-organized incentive and will take it again."

“The impulse team actions with the “kick off” in the beginning and the “final reflection” in the end formed an ideal frame for the content work of our conference week.”

“We thank you affectionately for the professional and creative support with our managerial staff event. We have been impressed by the way you fitted the outdoor activities to our wishes and that you considered our airline-specific vocabulary. Both your coaches’ wealth of experience and good training has been noticeable at all times, and they successfully managed to guide our managerial staff through an interesting and well reflected day. We fully recommend the impulse team!”

Manager, Automobile industry

“Thank you for the successful coaching. The year you supervised me helped me to further my career. The analysis of my personality traits and of my strengths and weaknesses has been of special benefit for me. I learned to understand my employees better and thereby how to lead them more efficiently.”

“Thomas Necke was able to impart his expert knowledge in an interesting way. He has a talent of illustrating things vividly and to underpin them with practical examples, so we didn’t notice as time went by. We really profited from his calm and appreciative manner. Many thanks for things!”