Professional seminars – Knowledge and methods are the foundation of your success

Some challenges do not make it necessary to question yourself entirely. Sometimes it is enough to have a profound methodological competence to master your new tasks successfully. If you already know your strengths and limits, you can learn the methods to utilise your potentials in our seminars.


How Impulse will support you
Attend our taster seminars to learn more about the basics of:

 Conflict resolution
 Employee motivation
 Moderation of performance reviews
 Staging presentations
 Work-life balance
 Personality and resources
 Rhetoric and presentation
 Motivation and group processes 

Our seminars have their foundation in reality. Thus, in each seminar we start from the theoretical basics of a topic and build on this knowledge in comprehensible, vivid examples.

If you want to learn more about one of our topics, attend one of our taster seminars (six hours each).



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