Team trainings – A team is more than the sum of its part

Where people work together, great things can emerge. However, also conflicts can occur. The reasons for them can be various: A new team leader or a new colleague joins the group, reorganisations change existing team structures or a completely new team is established. In all team stages, there are specific challenges for every team member. The goal of every company in these situations must be that the transfer of knowledge is ensured and the performance of every employee is increased. Only if all team members are geared to each other, things run smoothly.


How Impulse will support you

Our team at Impulse connects theory with practical team building events. The practice-oriented setups of the trainings illustrate playfully behaviour patterns and team dynamics and thereby guarantee advancements of knowledge. Creative methods of reflection expedite group formation, create confidence and optimise the group’s communication. Unexceptional settings can be chosen to support the process if wanted.  

Our team building trainings usually take one to three days, depending on their goals. They normally consist of the following modules:

 Team dynamics and motivation,
 Roles and potentials within the team,
 Preventing and solving conflicts,
 Communication and constructive criticism

We are happy to talk with you personally about your individual challenges with team developement. Contact us for a noncommittal offer.

Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung  - UFZ

„We once again want to thank you for the very successful team training. The event unanimously found our approval and improved the understanding among ourselves. We have participated in some team development trainings, but this one had the highest standard.”